Our roots run deep in the media industry. Each member of our team has firsthand experience working with or for media companies, giving us an unmatched understanding of the challenges involved in selling multichannel advertising and how to solve them.

  • Michael Mendoza
  • Michael Mendoza

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Chris Spalding, COO
  • Chris Spalding

  • Chief Operating Officer

  • Frank Mooty, CFO
  • Frank Mooty

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Louis Cicio, President – North America
  • Louis Cicio

  • President North America

  • Dawn Briddon,
Global Marketing Director
  • Dawn Briddon

  • Global Marketing Director

  • Rob Hesmondhalgh,
Director of Operations
  • Rob Hesmondhalgh

  • Director of Operations

  • Markus Feldenkirchen, Executive Vice President, North America
  • Markus Feldenkirchen

  • Executive Vice President North America


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