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At Lineup Systems, we believe media companies must be equipped to evolve at the same pace of the media advertising sales industry. And from day one, we have led this charge.

Prior to founding Lineup, our CEO, Michael Mendoza, was the global IT director of Metro International, the largest international newspaper in the world. As the head of IT, he struggled to find a system for Metro’s ad department that could help the team proactively generate more ad revenue. All he heard when he talked to the companies selling ad solutions was “when the phone rings, you place an insertion order like this.”

The reality was, as the first free daily newspaper, the phone never rang at Metro. Disillusioned with existing tech solutions, he went on to create a pioneering in-house system for Metro: the first to handle complete ad workflow, from lead generation, customer relationship management, and booking through to finance and reporting. By 2009, with the global market crash, this system became relevant for every media company in the world. Following an MBO that year, Lineup Systems was born.

Michael’s decision to create Adpoint as a 100% pure, rich HTML5 solution, born and bred online and with no “webified” legacy code has enabled this innovation to continue. As the first advertising sales platform to adopt this approach, Adpoint’s agile, cloud-based architecture has ensured the solution offers the most progressive features and can rapidly deploy new concepts and ideas in a cost-effective and efficient way.


  • INM, Gerry Wilde, IT Director

    We chose Lineup for their industry expertise and clear understanding of our business and what we are trying to achieve.

  • News Corp Australia, Damien Eales, Managing Director Metro Regional Publishing CMO

    Adpoint represents an important strategic step in our business transformation process in driving new revenues.

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Lineup Systems is the world’s leading provider of advertising sales technology.





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