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Traditionally, managing your advertising sales environment meant purchasing and maintaining expensive on-site technology – and all the staff and risks that went with it.

Today, leading media companies are choosing to let dedicated IT professionals handle their advertising sales technology through the cloud so they can focus on growing their core business. And the savviest are choosing the Lineup Systems Cloud, for proven advantages that go above and beyond:

  • The industry’s most advanced award-winning advertising sales platform
  • Best-of-breed IT services and support for media companies of all sizes
  • A team of experienced systems managers dedicated to delivering Lineup Systems Cloud and nothing else
  • A flawless delivery record

Adpoint is flexible and can be tailored to meet your unique business needs:


  • Fully managed, end-to-end IT services
  • All-inclusive subscription service
  • Pre-configured solution based on proven best practices
  • Delivery, management, and support of all infrastructure and applications
  • Independently audited to SOC 1 Type II standard


  • Professional operation and support of your licensed solutions
  • Licensed software hosting
  • Customization to address your unique business needs
  • Delivery, management, and support of infrastructure and applications

And all our systems – whether SaaS or Hosted – are highly resilient, and monitored and managed 24/7/365.


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Adpoint’s is highly configurable to each customer’s needs, designed to easily integrate with other systems. Implementing it quickly and effectively depends on well-coordinated teamwork and clear communication to understand your needs, and establish and manage roles, responsibilities, timelines, and expectations. Our deployment approach is comprised of proven methodologies refined through years of best practice. 

Lineup applies decades of experience with the aim of not just getting you up and running, but also to fundamentally optimize business performance using Adpoint. Every one of our customers is different, and wants different things from their Adpoint system.  Our implementation team has extensive experience in designing and implementing the right configuration for you, while integrating with finance systems, third-party CRM solutions, PCI-compliant credit card payment solutions, production systems, online ad serving, broadcast playout, circulation and subscription systems, and data warehouses. 


  • Gannett, Rick Baker, VP/Technology, Commerce Solutions

    The partnership with Lineup has been transformative for us, freeing up time and significantly reducing our operational complexity.

  • INM, Gerry Wilde, IT Director

    We chose Adpoint for this important strategic investment because of its proven breadth and depth.

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You expect Adpoint to function as intended, to the highest standards. And, so do we. To meet those expectations, our professional support teams stand ready to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise, quickly and effectively.

Your Lineup support team is introduced to you early in your implementation and then works closely with you during the final phases to ensure a smooth transition. This process is backed by complete documentation, system checks, and regular service reviews.

Ongoing Lineup support is comprehensive, and you benefit from being able to call upon the support of the people who built and maintain Adpoint, and the experts who implemented your system, bringing their unparalleled knowledge of your Adpoint solution, and your business processes.

Lineup Support is one part of our comprehensive Customer Success model, which combines traditional account management and technical support, with specialist subject matter expertise in how to get the best out of your Adpoint system.  The Customer Success Team work seamlessly to understand your changing needs, support your system, and keep you informed of the new features and benefits that we introduce to Adpoint in every release.



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Training is a vital component of system adoption. Our training consultants are experienced professionals with extensive media-industry backgrounds. They understand the complexities and challenges associated with a system implementation, and they provide practical solutions on how to use AdPoint effectively to support your business goals.

An effective training program, designed and fine-tuned with your business and then successfully deployed, provides a first-class foundation toward getting the very best use and value from AdPoint. Our training comprises technical, super-user, and end-user components.

Our training at a glance:


  • Technical. This provides your technical teams with the knowledge needed to operate the system on a day-to-day basis and is delivered as a knowledge transfer during the implementation phase of the project, with your technical staff working closely with Lineup’s project team, while carrying out real configuration and maintenance.
  • Super Users. Once the AdPoint system is configured, Lineup conducts hands-on training sessions for super users to allow them to verify the configuration and workflows and start testing the system.
  • End Users. AdPoint includes extensive help and user manuals, training videos, and FAQs to help guide end users through standard processes and activities. Additionally, initial training can be conducted as part of the deployment process to familiarize users with your implementation of AdPoint and the workflows implemented.


Lineup Systems is the world’s leading provider of advertising sales technology.





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