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With Adpoint CRM, your sales team can organize their day and close deals quickly. They can easily manage accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

Features + Benefits

  • Easily access customer information
  • Create lead lists
  • Track tasks and activities
  • Generate proposals 

  • Create targeted email lists for campaigns
  • Gain insight into poor performing segments
  • Receive automatic notifications on expiring campaigns and cyclical business opportunities
  • Quickly identify poor performing customers, segments, or sections
  • Access real-time inventory information

Order Management

Adpoint Order Management integrates with all major accounting and ad-serving solutions and uniquely offers the capability to book a single campaign across multiple media channels. The system can manage and report on the performance and traffic of all your advertisements within a single system to maximize effectiveness and revenue.

Features + Benefits

  • Sends ad orders automatically to the ad server/page and spot planning tools, and returns delivery data
  • Provides automatic approval workflow
  • Offers flexible ad targeting
  • Manages contracts for market segments, customers, and agencies
  • Combines campaigns into a single order with individual or consolidated invoicing
  • Offers automatic approval workflow, including discount, NPPP/yield, credit control, and space-availability checkpoints
  • Provides real-time inventory visibility and ad-density management capabilities
  • Easily integrates with any ad-serving solution for digital ads, including Google DFP, ADTECH, and Open AdStream
  • Seamless integrates with radio stations, page planning systems, and ad design systems
features order management


features finance

Control credit, generate invoices, and manage cash flow with Adpoint Finance. Whether you choose to use the built-in system features to manage your Accounts Receivables or you integrate Adpoint Finance with your existing accounting system, Adpoint Finance can help you manage all the financial aspects of the advertising sales process.

Adpoint Finance offers managers two-way synchronization with finance accounting for both general ledger and accounts receivable. Finance managers have visibility into the profitability of a specific edition or page. They can access the booked and actual ad density, net price per page, and total revenue per edition. Additionally, Adpoint Finance can easily oversee discount levels, net price per page (yield), credit levels, and payment collections.

Features + Benefits

  • Blocks bad payers and enables finance to control prepayment terms by reviewing orders before they enter production
  • Offers real-time views into the financial health of the organization
  • Monitors all aspects of the sales process against previous years, budget, and forecast
  • Recognizes revenue automatically and correctly allocates it across campaigns
  • Controls credit, discount, and media channel yield with approval workflows
  • Provides automatic or manual recognition of all media channels
  • Offers multichannel billing in one invoice, generated with 100% accuracy
  • Supports multi-country, multicurrency, and multi-tax
  • Offers invoicing, debtors, and blacklist management


Adpoint Analytics provides unprecedented insight and valuable real-time information to keep strategic planning and decision making timely, transparent, and relevant.

The system enables sales management to easily understand where advertisers are spending money and how to improve sales. It automatically generates weekly and monthly reports on sales activities. Additionally, Adpoint Analytics tracks upcoming opportunities that contribute to the forecast.

Features + Benefits

  • Offers users access to KPIs without involving IT
  • Provides visibility into discounting
  • Monitors strategic sales targets for revenue and sales activity
  • Increases transparency across the business, with insights on company and sales performance
  • Provides real-time inventory visibility
  • Provides deep customer insights
  • Generates proposals
  • Tracks advertising spending behavior year over year
  • Monitors movement between customers and agency relationships
features analytics

Adpoint Go

features mobile

Adpoint Go gives media companies round the clock access to Adpoint enabling advertising sales teams to close deals from anywhere. Sales can use the Adpoint Go app to prepare for meetings, find nearby customers and prospects, and organize their day around their top priorities, while on the road.

Adpoint Go enables sales to see urgent messages and approve orders on-the-go. Sales management can monitor sales performance remotely while advertising sales reps can use the app to track approval progress on their orders to ensure deadlines aren’t missed.

Features + Benefits

  • Access a comprehensive view of meetings, tasks, and account details whenever you want
  • Optimize route planning and identify nearby customers with GPS integration
  • Quickly and easily manage customer and contacts
  • See urgent messages and approve orders with alerts and notifications
  • Easily uploads photos and documents
  • Generate quotes and proposals in the field

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  • News Corp Australia, Damien Eales, Managing Director Metro Regional Publishing CMO

    Adpoint represents an important strategic step in our business transformation process in driving new revenues.

  • KM Media Group, Duncan Gray, Operations Director

    The information Adpoint delivers is 100% accurate and reliable. We are getting the best insights into customer activity and sales staff performance we have ever had.

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